About TDA: Company Overview

TDA Investment Group  manages pension funds, and originates comprehensive commercial real estate loans and commercial properties owned by its clients. 

The TDA team has an extensive knowledge base of the Federal laws governing the conduct of union pension funds and has developed financial controls to account and report on operating performance. Within the parameters of its employment agreement, TDA is charged with the strategic success of the client’s real estate portfolios. Performance evaluation of each property and loan is an ongoing process when combined with the disposition and acquisition of new properties and loans to position the portfolio to its most prudent advantage.

In its fiduciary role, TDA has assembled a team of professionals skilled in property management, mortgage lending, construction lending, real estate acquisition and development.

Prudence in “Vesting the assets of our clients” is our core approach.  This demands superior market knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation, and analytical discipline.
Our objective is to seek the best risk-adjusted return for our client’s assets.

Our creativity, flexibility, and agility has been engineered to benefit the holders of significant real estate portfolios.  Our emphasis on long-term relationships and innovative problem solving enhance both the value of existing assets and the reputation of our clients in the market.

The TDA team shares an operating philosophy of mutual respect, accountability, and fairness, delivering authenticity, passion, humanity, and sustainability to our clients, our communities, and our environment.