TDA Objectives

Some of our objectives include:

  • To Have a Significant Impact on the Investment Industry toward Values Based Investments
  • To have a National Reputation of Leadership in the Investment Industry
  • To Provide Quality Investments and Responsible Stewardship
  • To have an Investment Portfolio of Environmental, Socially Responsible, and Community Oriented Investments
  • To have each Investment Designed to Deliver Superior Long-term Performance and Protect Capital in a Humanistic Way
  • To selectively Expand into New Markets with Investment Funds Targeted at Specific Real Estate Opportunities
  • To expand TDA’s Influence and Long-term Thinking to a Broader Audience of Investors
  • To Develop and Execute Successful Investment Solutions to Complex Situations
  • To change the Perception in the Investment Community that Patient Capital can be Profitable as well as Supportive of Social Justice, the Environment and Community Investments
TDA Values
  • Integrity
  • Client Service
  • Teamwork
  • Relationships
  • Leadership