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Our Story

TDA Investment Group is a skilled institutional real estate management company driven by a deep commitment to forging strong, lasting relationships, protecting capital so it can grow, and creating positive social impact.

Capital Working for You

Our success depends on your success...

Established in 1980, we have earned a reputation for trailblazing leadership in sustainable, community-first investment opportunities and non-bank lending that benefit not only unions, investors and borrowers, but broader society as well.

At TDA, we understand the inherent value in developing holistic, creative investment solutions that provide clients with both financial security and social peace of mind. As part of our careful approach, we also collaborate with borrowers in the real estate community to fund projects aligned with our trust-based, high-integrity ideals. We are all connected, and every investment decision made at TDA is guided by this universal truth to help build better lives for our investors, beneficiaries, borrowers, and all the communities touched by our collective actions.

Maintaining a consistent investment philosophy, coupled with a thoughtful commitment to community are what guide us as a firm. We are passionate and pragmatic, comprised of a dynamic team that is uniquely capable of providing innovative capital solutions which are not only profitable, but secure and sustainable as well. We’re here to build a better future, join us.

Embrace mutual respect and strong long-term relationships, accountability, fairness and sustainability in our conduct towards each other, our clients and the community.

Practice values-based and prudent investing of the assets of our clients which demands superior market knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation analytical discipline and agility.

Seek the best risk-adjusted return for our clients and enhance the value of existing assets with creativity, flexibility and agility to ultimately benefit their beneficiaries.

Deliver long-term performance and protect capital in a humanistic way, knowing that patient capital can be profitable and supportive of social justice, the environment and community investments.

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TDA History

TDA Investment Group was founded over 30 years ago by a group of real estate professionals who wanted to provide values-based investment services that embraced their belief in strong social values and sustainability.

Leveraging their real estate expertise, knowledge of sustainability and desire to enhance the retirement of union trades people, TDA has become a recognized leader and sought-after real estate manager for Taft Hartley pensions and non-bank lending for real estate development.


TDA Incorporated


Retained by first Pension Fund Client as real estate investment manager


Retained by second Pension Fund Client


Retained by third Pension Fund Client


TDA's three Pension Fund clients have in excess of $8 billion of assets


Established Commingled Fund


Committed to Giving Back

At TDA, we conduct our business by investing in opportunities that benefit all stakeholders. We believe that doing what’s right for our beneficiaries and stakeholders includes doing what’s right for broader society and future generations by respecting the environment with sustainable development practices. One of the ways we support our communities is through our educational foundation TahDah supporting funding the arts in public schools and organizations like the YMCA.

Get Empowered

Uplift, Unify and Empower

Empowering and transforming lives through multicultural arts, mindfulness, community building, diversity inclusion, healing arts & education. The Get Empowered! Mission is to unify, uplift, transform and empower children, communities and companies. We believe in the power of multicultural arts, education and mindfulness to help bring out the best in people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

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Are you a borrower, seller, developer, commercial real estate broker or industry professional seeking capital for your Real Estate project? We offer Commercial Real Estate Loans. And we have interest in Purchasing Commercial Real Estate. TDA has you covered.

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Are you looking for expertise from a fiduciary real estate investment manager & QPAM? Expanding and growing real estate portfolios. Managing cash flow, value-add, diversification and stability. Dealing with ERISA issues, among the many other requirements of Taft Hartley plans. TDA is ready to get to work.