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The TDA Approach

Our Process

Our strategy is based on identifying unique opportunities and leveraging our ability to flexibly structure deals tailored to the needs of the projects, across equity and debt, while providing consistent returns.

We view all of our investments through the lens of creating positive value for those we serve and their larger communities. This includes both our institutional investment clients and borrowers who utilize our capital resources.

Our principled approach is focused on preserving capital, avoiding risk, generating sustained cash flows, enhancing property values, and providing long-term growth to all parties involved.

Expertise & Results

TDA Investment Group has expertise and industry knowledge based on 28 years of patient real estate investing for pensions and their beneficiaries. Focused on identifying unique opportunities across equity and debt, TDA Investment Group is passionate about investments that create value with an enduring approach.

Creative Solutions with Integrity

Whether looking for unique investment opportunities for our pension clients or structuring creative lending solutions at competitive market rates for borrowers, we are known for operating with integrity at all times. Our conservative, yet flexible strategies allow us to structure tailored solutions while seeking the best possible outcomes for our investment clients and borrowers.

Investment Ethos

Investment in properties that are geographically and economically positioned for long-term appreciation and cash flow.

Avoidance of risk through balanced tenant mixes and leasing strategies that maintain flexibility and liquidity.

Reduction of market risk by generally not accepting investments in speculative developments

Use of prudent investment strategies to capitalize or acquire properties at lowest points in market cycles and sell throughout the market upturn.

Increase of overall returns through opportunistic development, rehabilitation, repositioning and value-added ventures.

Focused on Sustainability

Building sustainable communities and empowering people is important to us. TDA approaches projects in communities with the same prudence, concern and passion we apply to investing and our relationships with each other, our clients and borrowers. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we work with environmental principles in mind, and look for ways to enhance the efficiency of projects and buildings because it’s the right thing to do, not simply for a LEED designation.

Ultimately, our goal is being good corporate citizens to communities where we invest which includes respecting and enhancing the environment and developing in accordance with environmental best practices for now and generations to come.

Work With TDA

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Capital Solutions

Are you a borrower, seller, developer, commercial real estate broker or industry professional seeking capital for your Real Estate project? We offer Commercial Real Estate Loans. And we have interest in Purchasing Commercial Real Estate. TDA has you covered.

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Management Requirements

Are you looking for expertise from a fiduciary real estate investment manager & QPAM? Expanding and growing real estate portfolios. Managing cash flow, value-add, diversification and stability. Dealing with ERISA issues, among the many other requirements of Taft Hartley plans. TDA is ready to get to work.